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ClearIdeas are short, daily micro courses delivered with an SMS. They're designed to help you be great and live a better life. Check out our courses on topics like productivity, creativity, leadership, personal growth, habits, and more.

Create a new habit with ClearIdeas

Create a new daily routine with ClearIdeas as your guide. Get short micro courses delivered to you at the same time every day, and make your learning a habit.

Learn more every day

Learning is fun, but it can be hard to find the time to get through a book. ClearIdeas are short micro courses delivered daily with an SMS that gets straight to the point. Subscribe now and learn something new everyday!

Learn something new

Learning new things is fun, but doing so in bite-sized chunks can be even better. ClearIdeas delivers short courses daily with an SMS. Learn a new skill with us and make your life easier today.

What are ClearIdeas?

ClearIdeas are mini lessons which consist of one or two ideas small enough to fit into a text message and delivered at the same time every day to create habit forming learning.

How do I sign up for a lesson?

Signing up is easy.  When you find the course you are interested in on the course page, just click on it to display a phone number and access code.  When you want to start the course, simply text the code to the number provided and your course will start immediately.

Can I choose when I get my lesson?

Your first lesson will be delivered immediately after you sign up and roughly every 24 hours until the course is complete.  If you have a preferred time to receive your lessons, register at that time.
For example, if you wish to take an Investing course every morning at 9:00am, then register at that time.  If you would like to take the Restful Sleep course in the evening, then register in the evening.

Can I sign up for more than one course at a time?

Learning with ClearIdeas is fun and easy, and you can sign up for any number of lessons at one time.  Having lessons delivered at the same time each day can help you retain what you learn and make learning a habit.
Having too many courses at a time might reduce their effectiveness.

How do I cancel a course?

If you've registered for a course that you would rather not complete, simply request a cancellation at
Please note that the way our SMS service works, once you register for a course once, you cannot register for it again from the same phone number.

How much does it cost?

During this phase of ClearIdeas development, courses are completely free.

I have an idea!

If you have an idea to make this site better, or an ideas for a course, or evenwant to have your course on ClearIdeas, just let us know at